Vitamins in the form of Chewy Candy, Are You Healthy?

Negotiating with children about taking medication or vitamins is indeed difficult. In fact, not infrequently they immediately reject raw when given vitamins in the form of tablets or capsules. Then, it is used by manufacturers of health products to create a breakthrough, namely vitamins in the form of chewy candy or gummy vitamins.

Apart from being easier for children to consume, chewy candy-shaped vitamins also usually have attractive colors, such as red and yellow, then the taste is sweet. However, concern arises that if consumed too often, this will actually have a negative impact on your child's health.

Supplements for children, necessary or not?

It's natural if you as a parent want to give the best to your baby, especially about health. But, what you need to know here is that vitamin supplements for children are not always needed to meet their nutritional needs.

If on a daily basis your child does not have an eating disorder or can eat all nutritious food, then you do not need to give it a supplement. Because, the daily nutritional needs have been met by natural food intake. Especially if the little one is not sick, so it does not need additional nutrients to help the healing process.

Chewy candy-shaped vitamins are usually given to children who have no appetite or have difficulty swallowing solid vitamins. Well, because the texture is like candy, they will imagine that what they consume is a sweet snack, not a supplement.

The risk of giving vitamins is chewy candy

According to Dr. Devia Irine Putri from KlikDokter giving chewy candy-shaped vitamins should not be done too often. "The vitamin contains many artificial sweeteners, so it can damage teeth and increase the risk of obesity," he said. In fact, the risk of getting a sugar rush can lurk.

Sugar rush is a condition characterized by hyperactivity and decreased focus for a short duration. This condition can arise if a person's sugar intake exceeds the recommended limit. The sugar referred to in this case is not just sugar, it is still a naturally occurring sugar component, for example honey, fruit juice, and artificial sweeteners for certain foods or drinks.

Occasionally taking vitamins in the form of chewy candy is permissible. But try to provide the vitamin when the child is sick and loses appetite, not when he is healthy. Giving children a chewy candy vitamin in a healthy state will make it addictive and assume that the vitamin can be consumed at any time and at any time.

It's different if you give it when they're not feeling well. The content of sugar and vitamins in the supplement can replenish energy and the desire to request additional supplements is also absent.

In addition, there are several other things that must be considered if you want to give a chewy candy-shaped vitamin. First, after the child chews and swallows the vitamin, invite him to brush his teeth. Second, give vitamins according to the dosage. Generally, vitamins like that should only be consumed once a day.

Finally, don't rely on nutrition only from the chewy candy vitamins. Make sure you continue to provide healthy natural foods and vitamins so that without the help of vitamin supplements, your child can grow optimally.

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