Stay Healthy Although Staying Late

Many of us have jobs that can take our night's sleep so it requires us to stay up late. Some jobs such as doctors, nurses, mechanics, security guards, and building guards require night watch so that it requires staying up late. Therefore, after staying up late we can feel weak, tired and have no enthusiasm to do other work.

It was also mentioned that people who often stayed up late did not have good sleep quality. In this group of people who often stay up late, chronic sleep disorders can appear. Sleep disorders that appear in groups of people who often stay up can affect feelings, work to heart problems such as increased risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and heart rate rhythm disturbances.

Some things that must be considered to stay healthy even though staying up late include:

Make sure your schedule

Try to keep your watch hours at night, which requires you to stay up at the same time for a long period of time to be consistent, for example by working on your night shift every day for 1 month to avoid changing your sleep, work, and eating times fast time, because it can cause your body to become tired and increase the risk of chronic sleep disorders.

Sleep When You Can Sleep

In general, a person needs to sleep as much as 7-8 hours every day. If you stay up late at night, make sure in the morning and afternoon you can sleep.

Avoid Energy Drinks

Consuming large amounts of energy drinks when you stay up late will only make you more tired the next day. Eat enough water when you stay up late. In addition, you can also consume 1-2 cups of tea or coffee when you stay up late.

Take Care of Your Eat

Staying up late can interfere with your eating schedule. This can make you feel even more hungry when staying up late so that it has an impact on your weight gain. To avoid this, remember to eat dinner before you stay up late. Eat healthy snacks like vegetables and fruit every 2-3 hours to stay focused and energized when staying up late. This method is intended to avoid you consuming heavy food when you stay up late

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