Guide to Using the Right Face Serum for Maximum Results

Serum is one of the most used facial skin treatments, especially by women. Nothing wrong, various serum products do offer benefits from starting to disguise fine lines, increase suppleness, brighten, and even skin tone. In order for this product to work optimally, let's follow how to use the right facial serum.

How to use the right facial serum

The serum contains a high concentration of active ingredients. Therefore, don't use it so that you can feel the benefits. For that, let's follow the following instructions using the correct serum.

1. Clean the face
The active ingredient contained in the serum will only be perfectly absorbed on clean facial skin. Dust, dirt, and excess oil on the face can prevent the serum from being able to absorb perfectly into the skin. For this reason, the first thing to do before using a serum is to wash your face.

Wash your face with soap and warm water. Use so that the dirt is lifted perfectly so that the serum can be easily absorbed into it. Warm water also helps moisturize and open the pores of the face so that the serum can be absorbed into the deepest parts of the skin.

2. Use a serum on a moist face
After washing your face, you can use toner to help clean up the remaining dirt on the face that is still attached. Toner also helps moisturize facial skin before using serum. When the face still feels moist, immediately use serum to the face so that this one facial care product can absorb perfectly.

3. Use serum as needed
Do not be mistaken, does not mean the more serum used will be the maximum the results. Precisely dripping too much serum into the face will not bring any benefits. You're just wasting the product.

The serum contains a high concentration of active ingredients and is made of very small molecules. Therefore, use just enough because this product can absorb very quickly and deeply. No need to use a serum until the face is too wet.

4. Use it by tapping and massaging
After the serum fluid sticks to the face, smooth it by tapping and massaging it slowly. This is done so that the content of the active ingredients in the serum can be released into the skin. Then, wait a while until the serum really does not leave a sticky impression before proceeding to the next product.

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