Don't Get Rid Of, Rely on Orange Peel As Acne Medication

The benefits of citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C have indeed been widely known to people, but orange skin is no less beneficial than the fruit. One of the best known uses is to nourish and brighten the skin. In fact, not a few who use orange peel for acne. However, can orange skin really overcome the problem of acne?

The content in orange peel can overcome acne

Citing the StyleCraze page and Dr. Mercola, orange peel is actually the healthiest part of citrus fruit. Because the orange peel contains various compounds such as hesperidin and polymethoxyflavones which are antioxidants. If you've ever wondered why orange peel feels bitter, the answer is this high content of various beneficial antioxidant compounds.

Citrus fruits are indeed high in vitamin C. However, the most vitamin C content is found in orange peels. In 100 grams of orange peel, contained 136 milligrams of vitamin C, or almost twice as much as the amount of vitamin C as much as 71 milligrams found in citrus fruit flesh.

The orange part that has a refreshing aroma also contains many anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antibacterial compounds. These compounds are important in dealing with acne, because acne is formed due to inflammation in the pores that are blocked by bacteria, dead skin cells, or excess oil.

Orange peel also contains enough vitamin A, B vitamins, fiber, and various types of minerals. Its use on the skin was allegedly able to stimulate the growth of new cells of facial skin. This combination of various beneficial ingredients can help you deal with acne problems naturally.

How to use orange peel to deal with acne

You can use orange peel to deal with acne in several ways. The following includes:

1. Make it into an orange peel paste
To make it into an orange peel paste, take a few orange peels and dry it in the sun for a whole day. Then, blend the orange peel into a fine powder. Add water little by little until the texture becomes soft like pasta. Then the orange peel can be used like a mask.

Before applying it to the face, clean your face with warm water. Then, apply an orange peel paste and leave for 15-20 minutes. Do it every day for at least 15 days to get optimal results.

2. Squeeze the liquid from the orange peel
Using orange peel for acne can also be done by squeezing it directly. Separate the orange peel from the fruit, then squeeze immediately. Use a small cotton swab, then dab on the zit area. Do it for a few days, and you will get the results.

3. Make orange skin masks and honey
This mask can help remove redness and acne scars. The trick, mix the main ingredients of orange peel powder, honey, and yogurt. Then, you can immediately apply it to the face. If your facial skin feels dry after using this mask, you can mix this mask with moisturizer or coconut oil.

So, is it true that orange skin can overcome acne? With the right use, you can optimize the potential of orange peel as one of the natural solutions to your facial skin problems.

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