When can the last hour have dinner?

For some people, dinner is one of the anticipated moments. Because, the moment is often a means to unwind after work, it is also one of the best times to spend time with your spouse and family.

Usually, because waiting for all the work to be completed one day, it is not uncommon for people to start dinner too late. Do you do it often too?

If you do it often, you should immediately stop this habit. Because various studies have proven that eating too late increases the likelihood of gaining weight. There are at least two things that cause this condition.

The first, because of the circadian rhythms in the human body. Circadian rhythms are natural clocks in the body, which regulate various types of hormonal balance, heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature to be in conditions that are in accordance with one's activities.

At night, naturally, the body will rest its organs because it prepares itself for sleep. Eating food too late causes more food that the body stores as fat, compared to what is converted into energy for activity.

Secondly, if dinner is done too late, generally the feeling of hunger has occurred. If you eat very hungry, it is at high risk to cause you to overeat.

Last time you can have dinner

Actually, until now there is no standard indication when the last dinner can be done. But medically, you are recommended to have dinner no later than three hours before going to bed.

So for example you usually sleep at 22:00, then you should finish your dinner before 7:00 p.m. This is important to provide an opportunity for the stomach and intestines to digest and metabolize food properly.

In addition, some nutrition experts state that the best dinner hours are 17.00-18.00. There are two underlying reasons. The first is to give more time to the digestive tract to be able to absorb and metabolize food.

In addition, at that time you generally do not feel hungry. Eating before hunger will make it easier for you to control food intake that will be consumed.

Not only is the determination of dinner hours important. The choice of food also affects health. In order to avoid excessive calorie intake, you should consume foods that contain high fiber and protein. Foods high in fiber are found in vegetables and fruit.

Foods high in protein can be obtained from the consumption of tofu, tempeh or fish. These foods also cause a feeling of fullness longer than if you consume too much carbohydrate.

However, there are times when you find it hard to endure hunger at night. For example, when you have to overtime or stay up late to do certain tasks. When drinking water can not eliminate your hunger, then choose healthy foods that are low in calories.

Choose foods with no more than 100 kcal of calories such as fruit, yogurt, boiled peanuts, or oats mixed with low-fat milk. Avoid eating high-carbohydrate foods or sweet drinks at night if you don't want your weight to increase.

So, start getting used to dinner not too late so that your body's health is more awake. In addition, adjusting dinner time also helps you to maintain weight, so you can keep your appearance excellent.

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