No Breakfast Makes Tired Fast, Really?

Quick tired, tired, not energized for activities can be caused by various things. One of the factors that can cause this is poor nutrition.

Because, food is the main energy source, so what you choose to eat will have a big impact on your body's performance.

In the morning, many people leave immediately to move without fulfilling their body needs, namely breakfast. This is because many reasonable people don't have time for breakfast. Therefore, breakfast is the most important, but often forgotten meal time.

If someone who has never had breakfast experiences fatigue in the afternoon, the habit of skipping breakfast may be the cause. Breakfast will provide many health benefits, such as new energy to start a new day, help control weight, increase concentration and performance while on the move, and provide strength and endurance when doing strenuous activities.

Breakfast is an important thing for everyone, especially for children and adolescents. According to the American Dietetic Association, children who have breakfast perform better in school because they have better concentration, better ability to solve problems, and better eye-hand coordination than children who do not eat breakfast.

Why is that so? Breakfast with healthy foods can reduce hunger throughout the day and make someone choose healthy foods during the next meal.

What about choosing healthy foods for breakfast? Choose foods that are rich in protein. Because, by adding protein in your breakfast portion, the performance of our activities during the day will increase. In addition, this will also make you not feel tired quickly.

Breakfast that is rich in protein will keep you feeling full until lunch time. Breakfast with eggs is one of the right choices to meet protein needs in the morning. Because the egg is one of the best sources of protein.

A study conducted at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in 2007 showed that women who ate 2 eggs for 2 months had a weight loss of 65%, decreased abdominal circumference by 83%, had more energy and cholesterol levels. same as women who eat bread at breakfast.

The study shows that people who consume eggs will feel more full. In addition, eating eggs in the morning will also make lower calorie consumption during the day compared to people who consume high carbohydrates in the morning, such as bread.

What's more, high protein consumption when breakfasting in the morning will cause the muscles to be stronger compared to people who don't eat breakfast. Stronger muscles will make your metabolism more active and will help you lose weight.

Therefore, don't skip breakfast in the morning because breakfast has many benefits for your health. Remember, the pillars of health are regular sleep, eating and exercise. So, sleep 7-9 hours per day, eat nutritious foods - like fruit, vegetables, and protein, and exercise regularly and regularly.

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