How to Teach Children Clean and Healthy Life Behavior

You certainly agree that prevention is better than cure. Treatment of a disease usually requires more costs and energy, and is draining the mind. Therefore, you need to make a healthy lifestyle to look after yourself, your children, and all family members from disease attacks. One simple step is to teach and practice clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS) at home.

By definition, PHBS is all health behavior carried out because of personal awareness, so that all family members are able to help themselves in the health sector, and play an active role in society. This movement was initiated by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia to improve the quality of life of the community by undergoing healthy behavior every day.

There are actually many PHBS movements, even hundreds. However, for clean and healthy living behavior on a household scale, there are ten important points in it, namely:

  1. Labor is helped by health workers
  2. Give babies exclusive breastfeeding
  3. Weigh babies and toddlers
  4. Using clean water
  5. Wash hands with clean water and soap
  6. Using healthy latrines
  7. Eradicate mosquito larvae at home
  8. Eat fruits and vegetables every day
  9. Doing physical activity every day
  10. Don't smoke inside the house

If the ten movements above are done well, then each family member is expected to be healthy, the child will grow healthy and smart, household expenses can be directed to fulfill family nutrition, education, or business capital - not for medical expenses.

Looking at these ten points, you might feel confused about how to teach them to children. Take it easy, you don't need to teach him at once. Some of the things you can start teaching early on include:

1. Bathe using clean water
Bathing is not foreign to children, every day he must do it. Use this opportunity to teach children how to clean all parts of their body.

Show body parts that are often overlooked to be cleaned like the armpits, groin, and fingers and toenails of the hands and feet. Teach him to always take a shower using clean water and soap.

2. The habit of urinating properly
For this you can teach the child when he enters the toilet training phase. Teach him the habit of throwing the right water, which is in the toilet.

3. Wash hands with clean water and soap
The palm is the ideal place for germs to breed. Therefore, you need to teach children to wash their hands with soap and running water. To do this, you can use illustrated images of how many disease-carrying germs in your palm. Then, explain that the germ can be eradicated by doing proper hand washing.

Don't forget to teach him when to wash hands, like before and after eating, after holding a pet, after urinating, and when the hands look dirty.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables
Yes, fruits and vegetables are indeed not a favorite food of many children. However, don't be pessimistic first. Try to process fruits and vegetables into interesting foods. You can make it into juice, smoothies, fruit soup, or cut and shaped as attractive as possible.

You can also tell about the benefits of fruits and vegetables by likening them to "super" foods that can strengthen a child's body. The hope, children will be more enthusiastic when consuming them.

5. Play outdoors
When the weather allows, invite children to play outside the home. Many activities can be done such as cycling together, playing football, or just walking around the neighborhood. This activity can keep children active, strengthen their bones and muscles, and maintain healthy heart and lungs.

How, ways to teach children to have clean and healthy life behaviors are not difficult, right? Start teaching children as early as possible, so that the various healthy habits that he does can be formed and continue to do until he grows up.

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